The Law of Karma

After the Law of Knowledge, the next important law is the Law of Karma. After understanding the basics of the Law of Dharma or Religion and the Law of Knowledge, it becomes simpler to understand this karmic aspect related so closely to every single move we make, in fact to every breath, every thought we take.

“As we sow so shall we reap”. This quote has been repeated and emphasized over and over again from times gone by till today!

Jesus said: “Man is himself the field, his deeds are the seeds, and what he does to others grows apace; the harvest time is sure. Behold the yield! If he has sown the wind, he reaps the wind; if he has sown the noxious seeds of scandal, theft and hate; of sensuality and crime, the harvest time is assured and he must reap what he has sown; yea, more; the seeds produce an hundred fold. The fruit of righteousness and peace and love and joy never spring from noxious seeds; the fruit is like the seed.’’(AG 100:8-11, Jesus)

Muhammad repeated: If you sow corn you will get corn, the good and bad depends on the seed you sow. ‘‘What-ever affliction may visit you is for what your own hands earned. Upon that day men shall issue in scatterings to see their works, and who has done an atom’s weight of good shall see it, and who has done an atom’s weight of evil shall see it.’’(The Koran 99:5-6)

Buddha outlined: “There is a universal law of cause and effect. For every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according to the exact nature of the first event.”

So all in all, the Law of Karma has been clearly defined by Prophets or Philosophers time after time. When Jesus and Muhammad talked about the day of judgment and that the dead will rise again, what was the meaning behind these words? The day of judgment means when God will judge our karma, and the dead will rise again means, after judgment we move to the next stage to enjoy or suffer the fruits of our karma.

You may have often seen, two children being born at the same time, same day, one in a rich man’s home, the other to a beggar on the streets. Now the question arises, why God will give such extreme and opposite destinies to two of his children, one gets all the comforts of life, while the other is put on the streets to suffer the strife. Is this justice? God’s justice has been outlined by all great men since the creation of this universe as the perfect one without any inherent flaws. In fact He doesn’t judge, He only rewards the fruits of the karmic deeds of each soul. The Law of Karma clearly indicates that there is good karma and bad karma. The good seeds and good deeds bear good fruits, where-as bad seeds and bad deeds yield bad fruits. There exists an astonishing accounting system, as not a single debt or action ever goes un-paid or not accounted for.

Guru Nanak, a philosopher of the Sikh religion described this law in even more simpler terms, “Air, water and earth, of these we are made. Air gives breath of life, the seed is nurtured by mother earth with help of water, which is like a father. Day and night are our nurses, in their laps we play and this world is our playground. Our acts, right or wrong shall come to judgment, and on that day, some will be seated near Him and some will be kept at a distance.” The core meaning of the Law of Karma lies in these words:

On judgment day, who will be seated near Him? The ones whose deeds deserve such honor, who have settled all their debts and completed their karmic journey on earth, and with their good deeds they now have earned their original place back in His Kingdom. And who will be kept at a distance? The ones whose karmic deeds deserve such dishonor, and they will be sent back to earth, again and again, until their karmic debts are settled in full, and they are able to earn such honor to be seated near Him, on judgment day!


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