The Law of Love

Love! What a lovely word, it touches your heart and soul; and the Law of Love, it not only touches but controls the Universe.What did Jesus preach? “Love your neighbor as you would love yourself”. With love he cleansed the sins of his followers, with love he preached that we should not hate but love everyone within our reach, including our enemies.

Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Guru Nanak all taught and preached the same love. They all housed this love while on earth, so that we could learn to enjoy and house the same love, without fear or concern. They proved with their actions that love destroys all that is evil, erases all that is wrong, and dissolves all so called boundaries.

But today, we who have become their so called followers are going the opposite way. None of these Prophets, Philosophers or God’s chosen Messengers came with any intent to establish the so called religions which we the followers are following today. All of them came with a single message that we are all children of one God, He is One, and He made us in His own form, as One. Their message was clear as crystal that we should love one another and be united as One, and only to practice this Word and Will of God, we all have come.

The Religion which they all preached was Humanity and Love, to be human, to love and be loved. They never talked about Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or Sikhism. They had come to dissolve the boundaries which existed between humans, and not to create new ones. The followers created exactly what they had come to dissolve, and this Religious tide flows on and on, as parents keep on passing these traditions, these borders, these barriers to generation after generation.

None of these great men ever claimed that they were the chosen ones, to bring to the world God’s word. It is the followers who claim such things and term them as Prophets, Sons or Messengers of God. They were simple humans like us, and wanted to show us how to plant the seeds of love, which God has given to all of us. They planted those seeds in front of us, the seeds spread, multiplied and showed their love, but we never learnt what they taught, as we are still holding those seeds within us.

The Law of Love is therefore very simple and very straight. In fact this is the Word and Will of God, Learn to plant the seeds of love which we all got from above. These are the seeds of God’s love, plant them, nurture them and see them grow. As love knows no boundaries, these seeds are limitless, the more you plant the more you will get, this treasure is endless. You too can be a Jesus, a Muhammad, a Krishna, a Guru Nanak, God does not distinguish between any of His children. In His eyes we are all the same, we are all His Messengers, we are all the Chosen ones.

All we have to do is to look for those hidden seeds, they are hidden where God is hidden, within us. We have to go on that inner journey, take that path to inner discovery to find our true self, to find that original seed of love, within which are lying hidden these numerous seeds of love.

The moment we discover them, we will become like poets, like musicians, like very noble and celestial beings. In fact we will become like Him, as he is the biggest Poet, biggest Musician, the most Noble and Celestial being.

The Law of Love, in very simple words, is to discover ourselves by discovering our inner love, to become One by discovering Him from our Oneness, to love and unite with all His creations, and in turn, become a celestial being, to unite with the One and Only!

Gurdip Hari
Author | Healer | Health Reformer

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