The Law of Truth

After the first four Spiritual Laws of Mankind, now comes the final and fifth one, The Law of Truth. Truth means, What is true. The Law of Truth relates to the real truth behind our existence on this planet earth.

There was total darkness which existed before the creation of this Universe. God created light, the sun, the stars and the moon, and then God created Man and Woman as a manifest of His love. Thus began the system of one family, one neighborhood, all children of one God. Everybody existed peacefully and happily with love all around in God’s eternal kingdom.

At some point of this peaceful existence someone sinned or went wrong, and this disturbed the peace and tranquility of the kingdom. As described in the Bible, the story of Adam and Eve reflects this truth. They ate the forbidden fruit and sinned, and were sent to planet earth to reap the fruits of their deed. God said, “You will now have to go away from this kingdom to a new place, to bear the fruits of your sin, you will have children, and your children will have children and so on and so on…… This place will be called planet earth, and although I shall provide all that you need to have a comfortable and peaceful existence, but this new place will be manifested with the Five Ills of Mankind; namely, Desire, Anger, Attachment, Greed and Ego. As a father it is my will that you all return back to this eternal kingdom, and we live as we have so far lived, as one family, one neighborhood. However, you and your children will have to overcome these five ills, to be purified once again, to be cleansed of your sin, and that shall be the return path, back to your original and real home”.

Today’s truth is in front of our eyes, has Mankind been able to overcome those five ills? Have we been able to cleanse the original sin? The true answer is that we have not; we have failed and sank deeper and deeper into Desire, Anger, Attachment, Greed and Ego. Time after time God has been reminding us as to where we are heading for through our inner voice, which we normally term as the conscience, but in fact this is God’s voice, and it tells us that we are on the wrong path, the path which is taking us further away from Him.

Great spiritual men like Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Guru Nanak came and went. They all preached and practiced God’s eternal message of love, they talked about these five ills, how to overcome them, and showed us the return path to our original kingdom. The truth is; did we listen? No we did not, we rather created more Religions, more divisions in their name. The message of Humanity and Love which they brought to us vanished into thin air, as we did exactly the opposite of what they taught us.

This in essence, is the Law of Truth, we have come a long way from our real home, we have got lost in the worldly lures, aided by the Five Ills of Mankind. Our test was to overcome them, and be able to return back home. Like they say it’s never too late, if someone gets lost from home in the morning, but returns back by evening, he is not really lost. In fact only humans have the ability to get lost and return back home, and only humans have the ability to tap into the reserves of their internal wisdom. We are all lost at the moment, and have to tap into our inner self, inner knowledge, and find our way back home.

If we carefully analyze these Five Spiritual Laws in contrast with the Five Ills of Mankind, and start living a more meaningful and fulfilling life, by aligning our outlook and daily interactions with others, and finding our true purpose, we certainly can find our way back and return to our original home, that Home of Eternal bliss, where our God lives!

Gurdip Hari
Author | Healer | Health Reformer

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