Our True Identity

Have you ever thought or realized what is your True Identity?

Do you think you are a human being having a human body, one day you will die and that is it?

A great majority of people believe this is what it is, and live life in a very limited and ordinary manner, because they refuse to go beyond the barriers of the human frame.

The Story of an Eagle's Egg

Once an eagle's egg was placed in the nest of a chicken. When the egg hatched and the little Eagle grew up with other chickens, it always thought of itself to be a chicken. So the Eagle did what the chickens did, it scratched in the dirt for seeds and flew no more than a few feet, because this is what the chickens did. One day he saw an eagle flying high up in the open skies and was greatly impressed how effortlessly the majestic bird was cruising in the air. He thought what an outstanding bird this must be, while he is just a little chicken, who cannot fly more than a few feet. He wondered how life would have been so more different and exciting if he would have been like that bird, and able to cruise high above to explore the great skies. Not knowing or realizing that he was also an eagle he lived the life of a chicken with limitations, and eventually died as a chicken, without spreading his wings and soaring high up in the skies.

Our Story

There is a great comparison between the Eagle's story and our story. When we are born as a human being, and as we grow up in the company of other humans, we do what most people do, and live an ordinary existence like the majority. When we see some Eagles (Successful people) rising high above others', we are greatly impressed with their achievements and believe they are the lucky or chosen ones, while we are born to struggle and suffer like the masses. Not knowing or realizing that we too have the seed to become successful, we live the life of an ordinary human-being with limitations, and eventually die as an ordinary person, without spreading our talents and soaring high up in life.

You Are Born to Succeed

This is a valid truth you can put to test and see the results for yourself. You are Born to Succeed and the seeds of success are a part of your true heritage and legacy. Do not ever think of yourself as a human being as that would be like the eagle thinking of itself to be a chicken. You are the Spirit in this human body with the power to rise and soar as high you may possibly think of. There are no limitations on you, except the ones' that are self-imposed.

There is Unique Talent Inside of You - And this is the seed you need to plant, nurture and grow to share it with the whole wide-world. This seed is what you are born with to succeed and soar to un-imaginable heights. So if you don't know what that talent is, it is never too late to find out. And then work upon it with proper training and practice to become the best that you can be. The world needs your talent as that would be your most fruitful contribution towards the growth of this planet.

It is quite possible the work you are currently involved in might be according to the unique talent inside of you. The secret to soaring high in your profession is to consistently work upon yourself by engaging in relevant studies and appropriate training, to become the best that you can be in your line of business. Then the products or services you will offer others will be nothing but the best, and this is what will lead to true success in all that you do. The key is to go beyond the ordinary life of a human-being, as your true nature - The Spirit, is nothing short of extra-ordinary feats and achievements.

So what really is your True Identity?

Think about it, meditate on all that I have highlighted above and take a journey to discover your self.

Gurdip Hari
Author | Healer | Health Reformer

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