Real Value of the Human Body

Have you ever thought about the real value of the Human Body that you live in?
There is an interesting ancient tale which beautifully explains this.

Once there was a fellow named Salman who was deeply intrigued about the real value of the human body. He felt this was one of the most important assets of earthly life, but was confused as to why majority of people ignored and abused it to the maximum. So he went to a very learned Teacher and asked him, please can you tell me what is the real value of the human body? The Teacher took out a glittering stone from his pocket and gave it to him, with instructions that he should go to the three nearby cities and find out from three different tradesmen the value of this stone, and then come back to him.

The First Trader

As Salman entered the first nearby city, he met a Trader selling fruits and vegetables. As he showed him the glittering stone and asked what he thought would be the value, the Trader looked at it with deep intent, and after careful thought offered a bag of fruits and vegetables for it. Salman had instructions not to sell or part with it, only to find out the value and return the stone back to the Teacher.

The Second Trader

Moving forward Salman proceeded to the next city, and this time decided to look for an ornament trader who might be a better judge to determine the real value. As he took out the glittering piece of stone from his pocket, the trader was simply astonished, as he had never seen such a unique master-piece in his entire life. He offered him a million dollars, and when Salman said it was not for sale, the trader counter-offered two, then three, and eventually five million dollars to buy it.

The Third Trader

Leaving behind the ornament trader in a desperate situation, Salman moved to the next city and decided to look for a diamond trader, as he was now even more perplexed about what the real value of this glittering stone might be. Unlike the ornament trader, the diamond trader placed no value on the stone, nor did he make any effort to buy it. He told Salman that the stone was simply priceless, and no amount of wealth in the entire world would be sufficient to buy it.

Back to the Teacher

Salman returned back to the Teacher and related the ordeal he went through to find out the value of the glittering stone. After listening carefully to his story the learned Teacher told Salman, if this piece of stone was considered priceless by the diamond trader, worth five million by the ornament trader, and equal to a bag of fruits and vegetables by the fruit trader, then what do you think would be the value of the human body, which is equipped with various organs and senses that truly are the most amazing wonders of the universe. What possible price would you figure out for a pair of eyes that make you see the beauty all around, or a pair of legs that move you from place to place, or the sense of touch, taste, or sound. And what amount will you possibly pay for the amazing Mind the human body is equipped with?

The Human Body is Priceless

The truth is, the real value of the human body is indeed priceless. If you had with you that glittering stone the learned Teacher gave Salman, the level of care for the stone will be in direct comparison to the value you place on it. Likewise, if you consider the value of the Human Body to be equal to a bag of fruits and vegetables, you will care for it accordingly. If you consider it to be worth five million dollars, you will definitely care and protect it with a little more care and attention. And if you realized the value of the Human Body was priceless, the care and protection will be in accordance with that value. It all depends on your realization, the only question is: Are you like the vegetable and fruit trader, or the ornament trader, or the diamond trader?

Truth is considered bitter, and the bitter truth I must tell you is that majority of us are like the fruit and vegetable trader, as we hardly place any value on the human body and abuse it to the maximum with wrong foods, unhealthy lifestyle, dangerous drugs and medications, and a whole lot of other harmful things.

There are only a few who are like the ornament trader, and an extremely tiny fraction like the diamond trader who know the real value, and take care of the Human Body accordingly. You can be what you want to be as that is your personal choice, but as you age, your body will be exactly in accordance with the care and attention you give it in the younger days. Now-a-days after age fifty or sixty, the majority suffer from various ailments and are solely dependent on drugs and medications for survival. And by the time people turn seventy or eighty, life becomes a living hell with health issues like Parkinson's disease, Dementia, Paralysis etc., which are a direct result of not taking care of the Human Body in accordance with its priceless value. Not to forget, Cancer, which can strike even at an early age due to such non-care.

It is never too late to realize the real value of the Body you live in and care for it in accordance with that value. If you haven't done it till now, not a problem, you can do it NOW.

Gurdip Hari
Author | Healer | Health Reformer

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