We are all familiar with the story of Creation. Briefly, as the story goes, after Man was created and all things that were required for him to live on planet Earth were also created, including the entire animal kingdom, the Creator realized that he had not created anyone with whom Man could communicate, share his thoughts, and grow. So, he created Woman out of Man's Rib, and then the Creation was said to be complete.

The Initial Attraction

It is obvious that while creating Woman, the Creator just did not take part of Man's Rib, he may have taken something more, perhaps a part of his Soul. So there is something missing inside of Man which he is continuously searching for, and the moment he comes across a Woman, the vibrations from his Ribs and Soul create that initial attraction. These vibrations act like a magnet as they can sense the missing part is on the other end. Likewise, Woman also gets attracted to Man in a similar way, as she is also searching for the source from where she came, and it is the vibrations emanating from both ends that create the attraction factor.

The Importance of a Marriage

A Marriage between Man and Woman is the ultimate of all relationships as this takes us back to the beginning of creation All other relations have taken birth out of this most important union on earth, and if you succeed in this, you will automatically succeed in all other relationships. If you are able to discover the missing part that was taken away from you and find the means to get it back, not physically, but through love, only then you will be 'Complete'. Otherwise, that loneliness, that urge, and that search to find yourself will continue un-abated. The importance of a Marriage cannot be under-scored as this is the first step towards 'Creation' of your future, your children, and success of the highest order in every area of your life.

The Importance of your Rib

Basically a Rib provides protection and support to the other organs. When the Creator took a Rib from Man to create Woman, that basic protection and support was also taken away. In other words, the Creator made Man dependent on Woman for that protection and that support which is not available else-where. So how important is your own Rib and how vital is it to take care of it and protect it from harm's way?

The Importance of a Woman

If you will love and protect your Woman from harm's way, what are you doing really? The fact is, you are simply protecting your own Rib that provides vital protection and support to your whole being and existence. And if you are not taking care of your Woman and become the reason for her un-happiness and misery, what are you doing really? You are simply not taking care of your very own happiness and are sowing the seeds of misery that will not help you in any way. So if you have not done it till now, there is no problem, because you can do it now. If you have not understood the importance of a Woman till now, I hope you have understood it now. And, it is never too late to make amends and turn your life around by beginning to love, honor, and protect your very own Rib that was taken away from you and transformed into a magical soul-mate to become a life-long companion in your good or bad times, in your failure or success, in your happiness or misery. In fact, if you will take care of your very own Rib, there will be no misery, no failure and no bad times.

The Truth is Bitter, and that bitter truth is that Man has abused, tortured and killed Women since time immemorial. As late as the 18th century a great number of women in Western Europe were branded as 'Witches' and the history books are replete with stories of how they were burnt, hanged and tortured to death. Even today in modern India women are openly raped in metropolitan cities, and in many villages burnt alive or killed by their husbands and in-laws for not bringing in the required amount of marriage dowry. Female feticide is not only a practice prevalent in India, but has also spread its influence in Australian abortion clinics where doctors have revealed that they are facing parents' requests to know the sex of unborn babies and demands for abortion if and when it is a girl child. A Melbourne couple reportedly aborted their child at 19 weeks as soon as they discovered that they were having a girl when they wanted a boy, and this happened in April 2013.

So who has Man abused, tortured and killed, and continues to do so? His very own Rib. If a number of men around the world find that their lives are a living state of Hell and they fail in whatever they do, the reasons may not be hard to find. Due to ignorance about our very own creation, Man has been destroying himself by abusing, torturing and killing his own Rib.

Everybody wants happiness and success, and within everyone there is a deep-rooted longing for a heavenly life. A great number of people look for all these things in the Holy places of their individual religions, but are unable to find them. If you are truly seeking for such a kind of life and a place in Heaven, you don't have to go far, as it is right here, in your Woman's arms.

Loving her, respecting her, honoring her, simply means loving yourself, respecting yourself and honoring yourself. In addition, this would be the greatest love, the greatest respect and the greatest honor you can ever bestow upon your Creator and your source of Creation. No more prayers would be required after this.

Gurdip Hari
Author | Healer | Health Reformer

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