Do you know that each of us has been assigned an exclusive Magical Container in which all our Deeds, whether Good, or Bad are automatically placed in. It is just like personally writing our daily deeds on a piece of paper and placing them in the container. The Creator or the Universe created such an amazing software which is a part of our every part, and it does not miss a single deed that is not recorded and placed in this container. Once a deed is in, there is no way that you can take it out, no matter how hard you try.

Every Container Eventually Fills Up

When you continue adding items, every container will eventually fill up. For example, you have a container in which you keep on adding spare coins; one day it will eventually fill up. And then what happens? If you add any more coins, it will begin to overflow and the coins start to fall out. Likewise, the Magical Container also eventually gets filled up and then our deeds begin to flow out. But then, there is a major functional difference between these two containers. In the coin container we add the coins from the top and once it gets filled, no more coins can be added. While in the Magical Container the deeds get added from the bottom, and as the older ones begin flowing out the new ones keep on adding.

And Our Deeds Become Visible To All

Once the Magical Container fills up, our Deeds begin to flow out and become visible to all those who are around us. It is like we become completely exposed, all those things we had secretly kept hidden within us come into full view of our family, friends, society and people at our workplace or business. Just like a pregnant woman cannot hide her pregnancy for long, and eventually after nine months the baby flows out of her to become visible to all those around her. In exactly the same manner we cannot hide our deeds for long and once they flow out of our Magical Container they become clearly visible. Only when a woman delivers people will know whether it's a Boy or Girl, and only when our Deeds over-flow will people know whether they are Good or Bad.

Only We Are Responsible For Our Deeds

Whatever Deeds we do every day only we are responsible, and only we will enjoy or suffer from the positive or negative outcome from those deeds. If you knew how this Magical Container worked and one day you will stand exposed in front of all those you know, would you have done any Bad Deeds in the first place? It is a part of our normal human nature that we want to be recognized as Good people, because the spiritual instincts within all of us are nothing but good. As every scripture confirms that 'Flesh is weak'; it is out of that weakness of the flesh we end up doing Bad Deeds.

The Law of Sow and Reap

One of the most vital laws of our beautiful Universe, 'The Law of Sow and Reap' has stood the test of time since creation. Whatever you sow is eventually what you will reap. In other words, whatever Deeds get placed in our Magical Container, the same very Deeds will eventually flow out. So it is entirely up to you how you wish to be recognized by your fellow men and women. If wrong deeds have filled your Magical Container they will eventually flow out one day and you will stand fully exposed in shame or disgrace. If you have understood the mechanism of how this works, you can decide to do only good from today onwards and let those newly sown deeds enter your Magical Container. For those who celebrate Easter and believe that Jesus was crucified on Friday and came back to life three days later, this can add new meaning to your life. Simply decide to follow his footsteps and crucify all your Bad Deeds and place them on the cross of self-examination. Let the life and blood flow out of them and let them die by raising your awareness about Good and Bad. And then rise, and be resurrected as a Born-Again individual with goodness and righteousness in your work, relationships and dealings with one and all.

You will be simply amazed to see how quickly your Magical Container gets filled up with your Good Deeds and soon begins to over-flow for everyone to witness the new journey and deeds of a Born-Again, and be inspired to follow your foot-steps leading to true Success, Prosperity and Goodness on Earth.

Can you do this, yes you can.

Gurdip Hari
Author | Healer | Health Reformer

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