Valentines Day - Today or Everday

Valentines day is considered as a day made to celebrate love. It is a day which is widely celebrated, and on this day Gift shops, Department stores and Restaurants do great business. It is a day when lovers look deep into each other's eyes, speak words that are not very often spoken, and have some wonderful moments filled with love, love and love.

What Happens the Next Day?

You get back to the same old routine. No more celebrations, no more gifts or treats until some other occasion comes, or in the worst case scenario, until the next Valentines day. So what happens to love, what happens to celebration, what happens to the wonderful ecstatic feeling of looking deep into the eyes of your beloved, and what happens to those wonderful moments filled with love, love and love?

It is All About Habits

Yes, this is true, it is all about Habits - that is what we all are. Everything we do every day is all habitual, and so is Valentines day. It is a habit that we celebrate love more on this day than any other, it is also a habit that we do this once a year. In other words, we are just like a Robot that has been programmed to do things in a certain way. A Robot is a machine that has no mind, no heart, no feelings, and obviously no love. Have you ever realized that following a certain pattern of fixed habits has turned you into a Robot? So where is the mind, where is the heart, and where is the love, which all are the essential elements of the real you.

You Can Change This Habit

To realize that everything you do is habitual is the first step, and to change the habit of celebrating Valentines once a year, like a Robot, is the second step. The power of change is the greatest force that is lying, perhaps dormant, within you. All you need to do it to wake it up, and to do that you first need to realize who you truly are. The truth is, you are nothing but Love, the Spirit or the Soul, whatever you may call it, is nothing but Love. You may have often heard some folks say - God is Love and Love is God, and you were created in that very image of Love. And on Valentines day you actually become what you truly are, and then you express, behave and do things according to your real nature. When you look deep into your beloved's eyes, you are looking into their soul and that is love looking into love, and when you speak words that are not very often spoken, those are words of love from soul to soul, and when you celebrate Valentines day, it is the celebration of love.

Be What You Are Every day

You don't have to buy gifts every day for your beloved, because the greatest gift anyone needs is the Gift of Love. When you form a habit to be what you are, you will celebrate Valentines every day as you will be constantly in that spirit of love, in the spirit of who you really are. And then you will do and say things that are filled with love. What bigger celebration can there be than the celebration of love. Time is all that you need to do this and time is all that you have. If you can make it a Habit to give a little of your time every day to your beloved and loved ones, that would be Valentines for everyone. If such a habit turns you into a Robot of Love, then so be it, as that would be the greatest and most Amazing Robot on Earth.

So don't wait for another year to celebrate Valentines, be what you truly are and celebrate that truth every day not only with your beloved, but with all your loved ones'.


Gurdip Hari
Author | Healer | Health Reformer

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