Amazing Health Drink

Back in the eighties I was stricken with heart failure. I was in the hospital more in than out. I was devastated, for I was in real estate, operating a group home for boys, and I needed strength and health.
A friend of my husband brought me a little paperback book which was the published journal of a Doctor back in the 1800's. The book was very conclusive of the benefits of vinegar, honey, and ginger to our health. According to his journal, he could cure anything with these ingredients. Time after time he had recorded true cases of what happened when he persuaded his patients to begin these natural items.
The Bible and other books often refer to honey, milk, barley, bitter herbs (dandelions?) and other foods which kept God's people in good health. I thought....why not? I was prone to die with this thing in my chest, and according to his journal, the heart had been one of the things helped.
I also remembered back when I was a child in New York, in the hayfields the men were drinking a combination of these cider vinegar, honey, ginger. I began to mix a gallon, set it in the refrigerator, and every time I was thirsty, I drank deeply of this concoction. I added a little sugar. I added green tea bags; I added fruit juices, especially lemon.
It took about three months to notice a difference. I felt good. The hospital stays became less. Little things which had bothered me; upset stomach, bowel problems, head aches, nervousness, lots of things, changed slowly. I was persistent.
I continued for several years on this drink. I kept changing amounts to suit my taste. I experimented with different ingredients, but I persisted. I told others and the jokes began, I persisted.
In 1995 I was stricken with strokes. It was terrible, I was dressed to go swimming, when suddenly I felt a hammer hit me, and it touched everything from head to toe. I knew what it was. I was in my bathing suit. I was 75, and I was scared. I drove 28 miles to my husband, and then discovered I could not talk. I had lost it!!!!
For a religious thought, I kept saying in my head, "Satan has no authority over me ". Gradually the strokes ceased. Recovery was rapid. I was a halleluiah person gone ape when I walked without pain, or problem, I had no handicap...I was ok. I figured somehow, the vinegar drink had been a stopper against this malady. I was healed. I continued with the drink.
I use 2 quarts of hot water, 1/2 cup of pure apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup of honey, a tablespoon of ginger, 1/2 cup lemon and then add anything you want. Chill it, heat it in the microwave. Drink it anytime, any could you overdo it? Apples keep the doctor away. Honey is a 'perfect' food, according to this Doctor's report, it cures all ills. The guards gave Jesus vinegar...why? It would give Him strength to endure a little longer...suffer more. He refused it, knowing this. I never drink any "pops". I seldom drink coffee. I drink this stuff!!! And laugh at those who tease Me.!!!

Testimony: I am a very healthy woman of 82. I am often thought to be in my sixties. !!! My skin is smooth, my hair is healthy, my mind is sharp, I sleep well, and all those things I doctored for, I do not. The heart will always be irregular.

There is more. I was reading in another doctor book, looking for cataracts cures. Guess what I found? Take 1 part of apple cider vinegar, 1 part of honey, 5 parts of water......use it as an eye wash. Prevents cataracts, my vision improved immensely and I am still driving. I did not have the surgery.

Vinegar will cure skin diseases; it is wonderful in the bathtub. Mix vinegar and salt with hot water and gargle the sore throat. It is a wonderful cleaning agent throughout the house. I give it to my pets in their drinking water...they stay healthy. It is wonderful for the hair in a rinse.. I can go on and on. But do try the apple cider vinegar and honey with oil on salads...with some spices....

Ladies and gentlemen, GET ON THIS HEALTH DRINK AND .......feel better!!!!

Published poet: Vivian Haswell/USA