Far Infrared Rays

Far Infrared Rays are the invisible rays of the Sun and are rightly known as the 'Light of Life'. In recent times, these were discovered by German scientist Sir William Herschel in 1800. His research led to the discovery that while there were known visible and invisible rays, there was also a third unknown invisible ray, which had an extremely strong heat reaction. Subsequently this was named as Far Infrared Ray.

These rays exist in the human body itself since birth, and the body produces them continuosly through-out our entire life span. They bring tremendous benefits to our body, as they help in the growth and development process, this is why they are termed as 'Light of Life'. However, the amount of rays produced by the human body changes every now and then, depending upon our health condition and living patterns. If we maintain a naturally healthy life-style without falling victim to the modern medicines and antibiotics, the production of these rays is on the higher side, which helps to overcome various ailments we may encounter from time to time. On the other hand, if we are leading an un-healthy life-style, the production of these rays declines. Then the body is open to attacks by disease, we age more rapidly, feel weak, lethargic, and there is a general decline in our state of health. At the time of death, the radiation of Far Infrared Rays in the human body is almost zero.

The intensity with which these rays are produced by the human body directly depends on the state of our physical health, mental and spiritual condition. It is a known fact that people whose mind, body and soul are perfectly in tune with nature, have very strong intensity and emission power of these rays from their bodies. Such persons are able to cure the ailments of others just by touching them. This has often been referred to as the healing touch which Jesus and many other spiritual personalities possessed.

The human body needs a continuos supply of these rays from Nature too, to enhance the power of the natural rays present in the body. These natural invisible rays are more actively present for consumption by the human body, at the time of sun-rising and at sun-set, and by simply exposing the human body to these rays at that particular time, we can generate greater well-being and good health. In the ancient vedic scriptures of India, this fact is clearly outlined, and many people even today follow these guidelines as a tradition, by taking bath in open air when the sun rises. These rays greatly enhance the body's micro-circulatory system, strengthen the metabolism and improve resistance levels.

With breakthroughs in the field of science and technology, Far Infrared Health products are now easily available for maintaining good health, strength and vigour. Through research it has been discovered that Bio-ceramics are capable of emitting large amounts of Far Infrared Rays with the influence of our body temperature. When NASA was researching on how to protect the safety of astronauts in space, they found that Far Infrared Rays could be produced in the human body, with help of Bio-ceramics heated at a low temperature. So the first persons to wear Bio-ceramics were NASA astronauts who traveled to the moon. Their space costumes contained Bio-ceramics, which helped to protect their bodies in outer space from disease and other problems, thus proving their immense benefits.

Later in the eighties, other countries like China, Japan and Korea began the development of Bio-ceramic Far Infrared products for enhancing human health. Sun-beads made of Bio-ceramics, which are worn around the neck like a necklace are the most effective as they have the greatest radiation among all Far Infrared products and are highly beneficial. They have a proven track record of curing and controlling Asthma within days. The list of other cures is endless but includes, Reducing fatigue, High or low blood pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Inflammations, Chronic headaches, Strokes, Swollen prostate glands, Kidney problems, Piles, Rheumatism, Blood cholesterol, Improved skin texture, Reduction in wrinkles etc.

As the human body contains 70% water, the Bio-ceramics also cause resonance with water molecules, thus ionizing and activating them to improve blood circulation and health condition. Also with the adoption of 'Amazing Water Therapy' in your normal life schedule the effect of the Bio-ceramic products is greatly enhanced.

If your goal is having good health and greater well-being for yourself, but with least effort, all you need to do is to ingest some additional Far Infrared Rays and Water into your system.

Gurdip Hari
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